Cantabria, Spain

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Spain, officially known as the Kingdom of Spain, is located on the continent of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Spain’s territory also includes the archipelagoes of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands and several small islands in the Alboran Sea, making Spain Europe’s fourth largest country. Around 35,000 years ago, ancient Iberian, Greek, Celtic, Phoenician and Carthaginian settlements developed in Spain. Sometime in 200 BCE, Spain fell under Roman rule. As the rule of the Western Roman Empire ended, Germanic tribes then migrated to Spain, leading to the Visigoths. In 726 the Moors invaded, which later led to the Reconquista, lasting for over 750 years. Sometime between the 12th-13th centuries, the Spanish monarchy reclaimed Spain from the Moors under a new monarchy. In early modern times, Spain became the first global empire of the world, spreading their native language of Spanish across the globe. Spain is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Date Weekday Name Notes
January 1st Tuesday New Year's Day
January 1st Tuesday Durin's Day
January 6th Sunday Epiphany
February 14th Thursday Valentine's Day
February 23rd Saturday Founder's Day
March 3rd Sunday UN World Wildlife Day
March 6th Wednesday Ash Wednesday
March 19th Tuesday Father's Day
March 20th Wednesday March Equinox
March 31st Sunday Start of Daylight Saving Time
April 5th Friday First Contact Day
April 6th Saturday Second Contact Day
April 14th Sunday Palm Sunday
April 18th Thursday Maundy Thursday
April 19th Friday Good Friday Long weekend.
April 21st Sunday Easter
May 1st Wednesday Labor Day
May 5th Sunday Mother's Day
May 10th Friday Whacking Day
May 25th Saturday The Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May
June 9th Sunday Pentecost
June 10th Monday Pentecost Monday
June 21st Friday June Solstice
June 22nd Saturday Summerween
July 4th Thursday Freedom Day
July 25th Thursday Feast of Saint James the Apostle
August 11th Sunday Day of Cantabria
August 15th Thursday Assumption of Mary
August 27th Tuesday Mewmaw's Day
September 15th Sunday Our Lady of Aparecida
September 20th Friday Unification Day
September 23rd Monday September Equinox
September 29th Sunday Hive Day
October 9th Wednesday Federation Day
October 12th Saturday Hispanic Heritage Day
October 27th Sunday End of Daylight Saving Time
October 31st Thursday Harry Potter Day
November 1st Friday All Saints' Day Long weekend.
November 24th Sunday Hogswatch
December 6th Friday Day of the Constitution Long weekend.
December 9th Monday Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Observed) Long weekend.
December 22nd Sunday December Solstice
December 23rd Monday Festivus
December 24th Tuesday Christmas Eve
December 25th Wednesday Winter Veil
December 25th Wednesday Decemberween
December 25th Wednesday Christmas Day
December 31st Tuesday New Year's Eve
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