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Public Holidays and Observances for Developers

Public Holidays and Obervances in Ghana
Name Date Public Holiday
Good Friday Friday, April, 19th, 2019
Easter Sunday Sunday, April, 21st, 2019
Easter Monday Monday, April, 22nd, 2019
May Day Wednesday, May, 1st, 2019
African Union Day Saturday, May, 25th, 2019
African Union Day (Observed) Monday, May, 27th, 2019
Id ul Fitr Tuesday, June, 4th, 2019
Republic Day Monday, July, 1st, 2019
Id ul Adha Monday, August, 12th, 2019
Founder's Day Sunday, September, 1st, 2019
Founder's Day (Observed) Monday, September, 2nd, 2019
Farmer's Day Friday, September, 6th, 2019
Christmas Day Wednesday, December, 25th, 2019
Boxing Day Thursday, December, 26th, 2019
New Year's Day Wednesday, January, 1st, 2020
Independence Day Friday, March, 6th, 2020
Good Friday Friday, April, 10th, 2020
Easter Sunday Sunday, April, 12th, 2020
Easter Monday Monday, April, 13th, 2020
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