Maluku, Indonesia

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Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, and is comprised of more than 17 thousand islands, making Indonesia the world’s largest island country. With many natural and agricultural resources in abundance, Indonesia has been an important trade region since the 7th Century. In the early centuries, Hindu and Budist kingdoms flourished. The Indionesian archipelago, is home to the Spice Islands of Maluku, enticing Muslim traders and Sufi scholars who brought Islam, European powers brought Christianity, and fought for a foothold of the Indonesian spice trade. The Republic of Indonesia was founded on August 17, 1945.

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Date Weekday Name Notes
January 1st Monday New Year's Day Long weekend.
January 3rd Wednesday Ministry of Religious Affairs Day
January 15th Monday Ocean Duty Day Long weekend.
February 8th Thursday Muhammad's Ascension to Heaven
February 10th Saturday Lunar New Year's Day
February 24th Saturday Lantern Festival
March 8th Friday Maha Shivaratri Long weekend.
March 11th Monday Day of Silence Long weekend.
March 20th Wednesday March Equinox
March 25th Monday Festival of Colors Long weekend.
March 29th Friday Good Friday Long weekend.
March 31st Sunday Easter
April 6th Saturday National Fisherman Day
April 9th Tuesday Air Force Day
April 10th Wednesday Festival of Breaking the Fast
April 11th Thursday Second Day of the Festival of Breaking the Fast
April 21st Sunday Kartini Day
April 22nd Monday Earth Day Long weekend.
May 1st Wednesday Labor Day
May 2nd Thursday National Education Day
May 9th Thursday Feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ
May 11th Saturday Day of the Military Police of the Indonesian National Armed Forces
May 20th Monday National Awakening Day Long weekend.
May 23rd Thursday Buddha's Birthday
May 29th Wednesday National Elderly Day
June 1st Saturday Pancasila Day
June 20th Thursday June Solstice
June 29th Saturday National Family Day
July 7th Sunday Islamic New Year's Day
July 17th Wednesday Feast of the Sacrifice
July 22nd Monday Attorney Day Long weekend.
July 23rd Tuesday National Children Day
August 10th Saturday National Veterans Day
August 10th Saturday National Technology Uprising Day
August 14th Wednesday Indonesian Scout Movement Day
August 17th Saturday Independence Day
August 19th Monday Raksha Bandhan Long weekend.
August 24th Saturday Television Day
August 26th Monday Janmashtami Long weekend.
September 7th Saturday Ganesh Chaturthi
September 11th Wednesday Radio Republik Indonesia Day
September 16th Monday Birth of the Prophet Long weekend.
September 22nd Sunday September Equinox
September 23rd Monday National Maritime Day Long weekend.
September 24th Tuesday National Peasants' Day
September 27th Friday Post and Telecommunications' Service Day Long weekend.
September 28th Saturday Railway Day
October 1st Tuesday National Day of Pancasila Sanctity and September 30th Movement Memorial Day
October 2nd Wednesday National Batik Day
October 3rd Thursday Navaratri
October 5th Saturday Indonesian National Armed Forces Day
October 12th Saturday Dussehra
October 22nd Tuesday National Santri Day
October 28th Monday Youth Pledge Day Long weekend.
October 30th Wednesday Indonesian Finance Day
November 1st Friday Festival of Lights Long weekend.
November 10th Sunday Heroes' Day
November 12th Tuesday Father's Day
November 12th Tuesday National Health Day
November 14th Thursday Mobile Brigade Day
November 14th Thursday World Diabetes Day
November 15th Friday Indonesian Marine Corps Birthday Long weekend.
November 25th Monday Teachers' Day Long weekend.
November 29th Friday Anniversary of the Employees' Corps of the Republic of Indonesia Long weekend.
December 13th Friday Nusantara Day Long weekend.
December 15th Sunday Indonesian Army Day
December 21st Saturday December Solstice
December 22nd Sunday Mother's Day
December 24th Tuesday Christmas Eve
December 25th Wednesday Christmas Day
December 31st Tuesday New Year's Eve
Public holidays (national, legal, government, civic, etc) are denoted in bold.
Holiday data for far-reaching years is subject to change due to laws and government decrees.
Long weekends are based on non-working days and not Saturday and Sunday explicitly.

We are continuously monitoring for changes to this data to ensure we're providing the most accurate information possible.
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  'year': '2024',
require 'ruby-holidayapi'
key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__'
hapi =
holidays = hapi.holidays({
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  'year': '2024',