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Holidays and Observances in Israel for 2019
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Name of holiday or observance Date
Erev Purim Wednesday, March, 20th
March Equinox Wednesday, March, 20th
Purim (Tel Aviv) Thursday, March, 21st
Shushan Purim (Jerusalem) Friday, March, 22nd
Erev Pesach Friday, April, 19th
Pesach Saturday, April, 20th
Pesach - Day 2 Sunday, April, 21st
Pesach - Day 3 Monday, April, 22nd
Pesach - Day 4 Tuesday, April, 23rd
Pesach - Day 5 Wednesday, April, 24th
Pesach - Day 6 Thursday, April, 25th
Pesach - Day 7 Friday, April, 26th
Father's Day Wednesday, May, 1st
Yom Ha'shoah Thursday, May, 2nd
Yom Ha'zikaron Wednesday, May, 8th
Yom Ha'atzmaut Thursday, May, 9th
Mother's Day Wednesday, May, 22nd
Yom Yerushalayim Sunday, June, 2nd
Erev Shavuot Saturday, June, 8th
Shavuot Sunday, June, 9th
June Solstice Friday, June, 21st
Erev Tisha B'Av Saturday, August, 10th
Tisha B'Av Sunday, August, 11th
September Equinox Monday, September, 23rd
Erev Rosh Hashanah Sunday, September, 29th
Rosh Hashanah Monday, September, 30th
Rosh Hashanah - Day 2 Tuesday, October, 1st
Yom Kippur Wednesday, October, 9th
Erev Sukkot Sunday, October, 13th
Sukkot Monday, October, 14th
Sukkot - Day 2 Tuesday, October, 15th
Sukkot - Day 3 Wednesday, October, 16th
Sukkot - Day 4 Thursday, October, 17th
Sukkot - Day 5 Friday, October, 18th
Sukkot - Day 6 Saturday, October, 19th
Sukkot - Day 7 Sunday, October, 20th
Simchat Torah Monday, October, 21st
December Solstice Sunday, December, 22nd
Hanukkah Monday, December, 23rd
Hanukkah - Day 2 Tuesday, December, 24th
Hanukkah - Day 3 Wednesday, December, 25th
Hanukkah - Day 4 Thursday, December, 26th
Hanukkah - Day 5 Friday, December, 27th
Hanukkah - Day 6 Saturday, December, 28th
Hanukkah - Day 7 Sunday, December, 29th
Hanukkah - Day 8 Monday, December, 30th
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