Meghalaya, India

Accurate, up-to-date public holidays, bank holidays, and observances in Meghalaya, India for 2018 ready to be integrated into your application.

Located on the Indian subcontinent in South Asia, India is one of the world’s ancient civilizations, and the seventh largest country by area. Home to the Indus Valley Civilisation of the Bronze Age, India introduced the ideology of a caste system. The oldest scriptures of Hinduism were composed, and Buddhism, and Janimsm blossomed for over 2 millennia. India has a diverse culture, filled with multiple religions Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Islam and Sikhism. India was under the British Crown rule, until the nationalist movement, led to India’s independence of British rule on August 15, 1947. India is known as the People’s Republic of India.

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Date Weekday Name Notes
January 1st Monday New Year's Day
January 14th Sunday Pongal
January 14th Sunday Makar Sankranti
January 22nd Monday Vasant Panchami
January 26th Friday Republic Day
January 31st Wednesday Guru Ravidas Jayanti
February 10th Saturday Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti
February 13th Tuesday Maha Shivaratri
February 14th Wednesday Valentine's Day
February 16th Friday Chinese New Year's Day
February 19th Monday Shivaji Jayanti
March 1st Thursday Holika Dahana
March 2nd Friday Festival of Colors
March 3rd Saturday World Wildlife Day
March 18th Sunday Chaitra Sukhladi
March 20th Tuesday March Equinox
March 25th Sunday Rama Navami
March 29th Thursday Maundy Thursday
March 29th Thursday Mahavir Jayanti
March 30th Friday Good Friday
March 31st Saturday Passover
April 1st Sunday Easter
April 1st Sunday Hazarat Ali's Birthday
April 14th Saturday Ambedkar Jayanti
April 14th Saturday Vaisakhi
April 15th Sunday Mesadi / Vaisakhadi
May 1st Tuesday Labor Day
May 9th Wednesday Ravindranath's Birthday
May 13th Sunday Mother's Day
May 29th Tuesday Buddha Purnima
June 14th Thursday Festival of Breaking the Fast
June 15th Friday Jamat Ul-Vida
June 17th Sunday Father's Day
June 21st Thursday June Solstice
June 30th Saturday International Asteroid Day
July 14th Saturday Rath Yatra
July 18th Wednesday Nelson Mandela International Day
July 27th Friday Guru Purnima
August 5th Sunday Friendship Day
August 15th Wednesday Independence Day
August 17th Friday Parsi New Year's Day
August 21st Tuesday Feast of the Sacrifice
August 25th Saturday Onam
August 26th Sunday Raksha Bandhan
September 3rd Monday Janmashtami Long weekend.
September 3rd Monday Janmashtami (Smarta)
September 13th Thursday Ganesh Chaturthi / Vinayaka Chaturthi
September 21st Friday Muharram
September 23rd Sunday September Equinox
October 2nd Tuesday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
October 16th Tuesday Maha Saptami
October 17th Wednesday Maha Ashtami
October 18th Thursday Maha Navami
October 19th Friday Dussehra
October 24th Wednesday Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti
October 27th Saturday Karva Chauth
October 31st Wednesday Halloween
November 6th Tuesday Diwali
November 6th Tuesday Naraka Chaturdasi
November 8th Thursday Govardhan Puja
November 9th Friday Bhai Duj
November 20th Tuesday Birth of the Prophet
November 23rd Friday Guru Nanak Jayanti
November 24th Saturday Guru Tegh Bahadur's Martyrdom Day
December 3rd Monday Hanukkah
December 4th Tuesday Second Day of Hanukkah
December 5th Wednesday Third Day of Hanukkah
December 6th Thursday Fourth Day of Hanukkah
December 7th Friday Fifth Day of Hanukkah
December 8th Saturday Sixth Day of Hanukkah
December 9th Sunday Seventh Day of Hanukkah
December 10th Monday Eighth Day of Hanukkah
December 21st Friday December Solstice
December 24th Monday Christmas Eve
December 25th Tuesday Christmas Day
December 31st Monday New Year's Eve
Public holidays (national, legal, government, civic, etc) are denoted in bold.
Holiday data for far-reaching years is subject to change due to laws and government decrees.
Long weekends are based on non-working days and not Saturday and Sunday explicitly.

We are continuously monitoring for changes to this data to ensure we're providing the most accurate information possible.
If you happen to notice a mistake, please get in touch.
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To retrieve this list of holidays, simply make a GET request to /v1/holidays:
GET /v1/holidays
$ curl -G -d country="IN-ML" -d year="2018" -d pretty
-d key="__YOUR_API_KEY__"
import ""
hapi := holidayapi.NewV1("__YOUR_API_KEY__")
holidays, err := hapi.Holidays(map[string]interface{}{
  "country": "IN-ML",
  "year": "2018",
import { HolidayAPI } from 'holidayapi';
const key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__'
const holidayApi = new HolidayAPI({ key });
  country: 'IN-ML',
  year: '2018',
$key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__';
$holiday_api = new \HolidayAPI\Client(['key' => $key]);
$holidays = $holiday_api->holidays([
  'country' => 'IN-ML',
  'year' => '2018',
$Body = @{}
$Body.key = "__YOUR_API_KEY__"
$ = "IN-ML"
$Body.year = "2018"
$Result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $Url -Body $Body
import holidayapi
key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__'
hapi = holidayapi.v1(key)
holidays = hapi.holidays({
  'country': 'IN-ML',
  'year': '2018',
require 'ruby-holidayapi'
key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__'
hapi =
holidays = hapi.holidays({
  'country': 'IN-ML',
  'year': '2018',