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Often called the “Land of the Rising Sun,” Japan is an island country located on the coast of East Asia. Japan consists of an archipelago of approximately 6,852 volcanic islands and is the 2nd most populated country in the world. Through archeological findings, we know Japan was inhabited as early as the Upper Paleolithic period. It is believed that Japan became a country on February 11, 660 BC. During the 4th-9th centuries, imperialistic dynasties controlled by the Emperor ruled over Japan. Gradually military clans and samurai warriors took over. For many years the islands of Japan were isolated from the western world. By 12th century until 1868, Japan was ruled by shoguns, ruling in the name of the Emperor, however 1868 the imperial court once again regained political control and established the Empire of Japan. On May 3, 1947, Japan set in place its current constitution, and has maintained a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy with both an elected Emperor and a legislature.

Date Weekday Name Notes
January 2nd Monday New Year's Day (Observed) Long weekend.
January 9th Monday Coming of Age Day Long weekend.
February 11th Saturday Foundation Day
February 23rd Thursday Founder's Day
March 3rd Friday UN World Wildlife Day
March 20th Monday Vernal Equinox Day Long weekend.
March 20th Monday March Equinox
April 5th Wednesday First Contact Day
April 29th Saturday Shōwa Day
May 3rd Wednesday Constitution Memorial Day
May 4th Thursday Greenery Day
May 5th Friday Children's Day Long weekend.
May 10th Wednesday Whacking Day
May 14th Sunday Mother's Day
June 18th Sunday Father's Day
June 21st Wednesday June Solstice
July 17th Monday Marine Day Long weekend.
August 11th Friday Mountain Day Long weekend.
August 29th Tuesday Mewmaw's Day
September 18th Monday Respect for the Aged Day Long weekend.
September 22nd Friday Autumnal Equinox Day Long weekend.
September 22nd Friday September Equinox
October 9th Monday Health and Sports Day Long weekend.
November 3rd Friday Culture Day Long weekend.
November 23rd Thursday Labor Thanksgiving Day
December 21st Thursday December Solstice
December 23rd Saturday The Emperor's Birthday
December 25th Monday Decemberween
December 31st Sunday New Year's Eve
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