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Holidays and Observances in North Korea for 2019
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Name of holiday or observance Date
New Year's Day Tuesday, January, 1st
Chosongul Day Tuesday, January, 15th
Seotdal Geumeum Monday, February, 4th
Seollal Tuesday, February, 5th
Meoseumnal Tuesday, February, 5th
Army Day Friday, February, 8th
Generalissimo Day Thursday, February, 14th
Day of the Shining Star Saturday, February, 16th
Day of the Shining Star - Day 2 Sunday, February, 17th
Daeboreum Tuesday, February, 19th
Tree Planting Day Saturday, March, 2nd
International Women's Day Friday, March, 8th
March Equinox Wednesday, March, 20th
Samjinnal Sunday, April, 7th
Day of the Sun Monday, April, 15th
Day of the Sun - Day 2 Tuesday, April, 16th
Day of the Sun - Day 3 Wednesday, April, 17th
Kang Pan-sok's Birthday Sunday, April, 21st
Military Foundation Day Thursday, April, 25th
Labor Day Wednesday, May, 1st
Chopail Sunday, May, 12th
Korean Children's Union Foundation Day Thursday, June, 6th
Surinal Friday, June, 7th
Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's commencement of work in the Workers' Party Central Committee Wednesday, June, 19th
June Solstice Friday, June, 21st
Day of the Strategic Forces Wednesday, July, 3rd
Yudu Wednesday, July, 17th
Day of Victory in the Great Fatherland Liberation War Saturday, July, 27th
Chilseok Wednesday, August, 7th
Liberation Day Thursday, August, 15th
Baekjung Thursday, August, 15th
Day of Songun Sunday, August, 25th
Day of the Foundation of the Republic Monday, September, 9th
Hangawi Friday, September, 13th
September Equinox Monday, September, 23rd
Jungyangjeol Monday, October, 7th
Party Foundation Day Thursday, October, 10th
Mother's Day Saturday, November, 16th
Dongji Friday, December, 20th
December Solstice Sunday, December, 22nd
Kim Jong-suk's Birthday Tuesday, December, 24th
Constitution Day Friday, December, 27th
New Year's Eve Tuesday, December, 31st
Hansik Sunday, April, 5th
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