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Luxembourg can trace its history to around 963. Towards the end of the 13th century, the territory of Luxembourg was ruled by various counts over the years. In 1308, Henry VII, Count of Luxembourg, became King of the Germans, and the Holy Roman Emperor. In 1354, the Duchy of Luxembourg was established under Charles IV. Due to its location, this region was of great strategic importance to both France and Austria, and still has a mixture of French and German cultures represented to this day. During the Congress of VIenna on March 15, 1815, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was established as a country. This landlocked country, and is one of the smallest countries on the European continent.

Date Weekday Name
January 1st Tuesday New Year's Day
March 20th Wednesday March Equinox
April 21st Sunday Easter
April 22nd Monday Easter Monday
May 1st Wednesday Labor Day
May 30th Thursday Feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ
June 9th Sunday Mother's Day
June 10th Monday Pentecost Monday
June 21st Friday June Solstice
June 23rd Sunday National Day
August 15th Thursday Assumption of Mary
September 23rd Monday September Equinox
October 6th Sunday Father's Day
November 1st Friday All Saints' Day
December 22nd Sunday December Solstice
December 24th Tuesday Christmas Eve
December 25th Wednesday Christmas Day
December 26th Thursday Saint Stephen's Day
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