Accurate, up-to-date public holidays, bank holidays, and observances in Mongolia for 2020 ready to be integrated into your application.

The East Asian country of Mongolia is located between Russia and China. The territory known as Mongolia was ruled by various nomadic empires, the largest and most widely known was the Mongol Empire, founded in 1206 by Genghis Khan. During the 16th century, Buddhism spread to Mongolia and by the early 1900’s nearly one-third of the male population were Buddist monks. In 1911 Mongolia declared independence and in 1921, became independent from China, and formed the Mongolian People’s Republic in 1924.

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Date Weekday Name Notes
January 1st Wednesday New Year's Day
January 13th Monday Constituion Day
January 24th Friday Mongolian Lunar New Year's Eve Long weekend.
January 25th Saturday Mongolian Lunar New Year's Day
January 26th Sunday Second Day of the Mongolian Lunar New Year
January 27th Monday Third Day of the Mongolian Lunar New Year Long weekend.
February 14th Friday Valentine's Day
March 1st Sunday Patriots' Day
March 3rd Tuesday World Wildlife Day
March 8th Sunday International Women's Day
March 18th Wednesday Mens' and Soldiers' Day
March 18th Wednesday Father's Day
March 20th Friday March Equinox
April 7th Tuesday Health Day
April 26th Sunday Intellectual Property Day
May 15th Friday Family Day
May 22nd Friday Mongolia Fried Rice Day
June 1st Monday Mother's Day Long weekend.
June 1st Monday Children's Day Long weekend.
June 20th Saturday June Solstice
June 30th Tuesday International Asteroid Day
July 10th Friday State Flag Day
July 11th Saturday Naadam Festival
July 12th Sunday Second Day of the Naadam Festival
July 13th Monday Third Day of the Naadam Festival Long weekend.
July 14th Tuesday Fourth Day of the Naadam Festival
July 15th Wednesday Fifth Day of the Naadam Festival
July 18th Saturday Nelson Mandela International Day
August 25th Tuesday Youth's Day
September 10th Thursday Repression Victims' Day
September 22nd Tuesday September Equinox
October 1st Thursday Elders' Day
October 29th Thursday Capital City Day
November 14th Saturday Ghengis Khan's Birthday
November 26th Thursday Republic Day
December 10th Thursday Human Rights Day
December 21st Monday December Solstice
December 24th Thursday Christmas Eve
December 25th Friday Christmas Day
December 29th Tuesday Independence Day
December 31st Thursday New Year's Eve
Public holidays (national, legal, government, civic, etc) are denoted in bold.
Holiday data for far-reaching years is subject to change due to laws and government decrees.
Long weekends are based on non-working days and not Saturday and Sunday explicitly.

We are continuously monitoring for changes to this data to ensure we're providing the most accurate information possible.
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$ curl -G -d country="MN" -d year="2020" -d pretty
-d key="__YOUR_API_KEY__"
import ""
hapi := holidayapi.NewV1("__YOUR_API_KEY__")
holidays, err := hapi.Holidays(map[string]interface{}{
  "country": "MN",
  "year": "2020",
import { HolidayAPI } from 'holidayapi';
const key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__'
const holidayApi = new HolidayAPI({ key });
  country: 'MN',
  year: '2020',
$key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__';
$holiday_api = new \HolidayAPI\Client(['key' => $key]);
$holidays = $holiday_api->holidays([
  'country' => 'MN',
  'year' => '2020',
$Body = @{}
$Body.key = "__YOUR_API_KEY__"
$ = "MN"
$Body.year = "2020"
$Result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $Url -Body $Body
import holidayapi
key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__'
hapi = holidayapi.v1(key)
holidays = hapi.holidays({
  'country': 'MN',
  'year': '2020',
require 'ruby-holidayapi'
key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__'
hapi =
holidays = hapi.holidays({
  'country': 'MN',
  'year': '2020',