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Portugal is located in Southwest Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Additional territories of Portugal are the Atlantic archipelagos of Azores and Madeira. Pre-Celtic tribes, the Celts, Carthaginians and the Romans, followed by the Visigoths and Suebi Germanic peoples, settled in the land of Portugal. In 711 AD, the Moors invaded, claiming this land as their own. In 868, the County of Portugal was founded. During the Christian Reconquista in 1128, the Country of Portugal was established, driving out the Moors. In 1139, the Kingdom of Portugal was growing stronger. During the 15th and 16th centuries, Portugal established the first global empire, during which, lead to the Age of Discovery. Ships from Portugal set out to explore the world. This maritime exploration during 1497-1498, led to the discovery of the sea route to India, making way to the spice trade. Between earthquakes and wars over the next few hundred years, Portugal lost its foothold. After the Revolution, Portugal was officially, the Portuguese Republic and became a country on October 5, 1910.

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Date Weekday Name Notes
January 1st Wednesday New Year's Day
January 1st Wednesday Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
February 25th Tuesday Shrove Tuesday
March 3rd Tuesday World Wildlife Day
March 19th Thursday Father's Day
March 20th Friday March Equinox
April 10th Friday Good Friday Long weekend.
April 12th Sunday Easter
April 25th Saturday Freedom Day
May 1st Friday Labor Day Long weekend.
May 3rd Sunday Mother's Day
June 1st Monday Azores Day Long weekend.
June 10th Wednesday Portugal Day
June 11th Thursday Feast of Corpus Christi
June 20th Saturday June Solstice
June 30th Tuesday International Asteroid Day
July 18th Saturday Nelson Mandela International Day
August 15th Saturday Assumption of Mary
September 22nd Tuesday September Equinox
October 5th Monday Republic Implantation Long weekend.
November 1st Sunday All Saints' Day
December 1st Tuesday Restoration of Independence
December 8th Tuesday Feast of the Immaculate Conception
December 21st Monday December Solstice
December 24th Thursday Christmas Eve
December 25th Friday Christmas Day Long weekend.
December 31st Thursday New Year's Eve
Public holidays (national, legal, government, civic, etc) are denoted in bold.
Holiday data for far-reaching years is subject to change due to laws and government decrees.
Long weekends are based on non-working days and not Saturday and Sunday explicitly.

We are continuously monitoring for changes to this data to ensure we're providing the most accurate information possible.
If you happen to notice a mistake, please get in touch.
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$ curl -G -d country="PT" -d year="2020" -d pretty
-d key="__YOUR_API_KEY__"
import "github.com/joshtronic/go-holidayapi"
hapi := holidayapi.NewV1("__YOUR_API_KEY__")
holidays, err := hapi.Holidays(map[string]interface{}{
  "country": "PT",
  "year": "2020",
import { HolidayAPI } from 'holidayapi';
const key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__'
const holidayApi = new HolidayAPI({ key });
  country: 'PT',
  year: '2020',
$key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__';
$holiday_api = new \HolidayAPI\Client(['key' => $key]);
$holidays = $holiday_api->holidays([
  'country' => 'PT',
  'year' => '2020',
$Body = @{}
$Body.key = "__YOUR_API_KEY__"
$Body.country = "PT"
$Body.year = "2020"
$Result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $Url -Body $Body
import holidayapi
key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__'
hapi = holidayapi.v1(key)
holidays = hapi.holidays({
  'country': 'PT',
  'year': '2020',
require 'ruby-holidayapi'
key = '__YOUR_API_KEY__'
hapi = HolidayAPI::V1.new(key)
holidays = hapi.holidays({
  'country': 'PT',
  'year': '2020',