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Holidays and Observances in El Salvador for 2019
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Name of holiday or observance Date
New Year's Day Tuesday, January, 1st
March Equinox Wednesday, March, 20th
Palm Sunday Sunday, April, 14th
Holy Monday Monday, April, 15th
Holy Tuesday Tuesday, April, 16th
Holy Wednesday Wednesday, April, 17th
Maundy Thursday Thursday, April, 18th
Good Friday Friday, April, 19th
Holy Saturday Saturday, April, 20th
Easter Sunday, April, 21st
Labor Day Wednesday, May, 1st
The Day of the Cross Friday, May, 3rd
Soliders' Day Tuesday, May, 7th
Mother's Day Friday, May, 10th
Father's Day Monday, June, 17th
June Solstice Friday, June, 21st
August Festivals Thursday, August, 1st
August Festivals - Day 2 Thursday, August, 1st
August Festivals - Day 3 Thursday, August, 1st
August Festivals - Day 4 Thursday, August, 1st
August Festivals - Day 5 Thursday, August, 1st
August Festivals - Day 6 Thursday, August, 1st
August Festivals - Day 7 Thursday, August, 1st
Independence Day Sunday, September, 15th
September Equinox Monday, September, 23rd
Children's Day Tuesday, October, 1st
Ethnic Pride Day Saturday, October, 12th
Day of the Dead Saturday, November, 2nd
National Pupusa Festival Thursday, November, 7th
National Pupusa Festival - Day 2 Friday, November, 8th
National Pupusa Festival - Day 3 Saturday, November, 9th
National Pupusa Festival - Day 4 Sunday, November, 10th
National Pupusa Festival - Day 5 Monday, November, 11th
National Pupusa Festival - Day 6 Tuesday, November, 12th
National Pupusa Festival - Day 7 Wednesday, November, 13th
Day of the Queen of Peace Thursday, November, 21st
December Solstice Sunday, December, 22nd
Christmas Eve Tuesday, December, 24th
Christmas Wednesday, December, 25th
New Year's Eve Tuesday, December, 31st
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