Accurate, up-to-date public holidays, bank holidays, and observances in Ukraine for 2019 ready to be integrated into your application.

Ukraine is a country located in Eastern Europe, and was founded on August 24, 1991. Previously, Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. During the Middle Ages the Slavs and the Rus’ settled in this country, combining their cultures. Between the 17th and 18th centuries, this territory was split between the Russian and Polish Empires. Ukraine has many fertile farming areas and is one of the world’s largest grain exporters.

Date Weekday Name
January 1st Tuesday New Year's Day
January 7th Monday Orthodox Christmas Day
January 14th Monday Orthodox New Year's Day
January 22nd Tuesday Ukrainian Unity Day
January 25th Friday Tatiana Day
February 14th Thursday Valentine's Day
March 8th Friday International Women's Day
March 20th Wednesday March Equinox
April 1st Monday April Fools' Day
April 28th Sunday Orthodox Easter
April 29th Monday Orthodox Easter Monday
May 1st Wednesday International Workers' Day
May 9th Thursday Victory Day over Nazism in World War II
May 12th Sunday Mother's Day
May 18th Saturday Saturday of Europe Day Weekend
May 19th Sunday Sunday of Europe Day Weekend
May 26th Sunday Kiev Day
June 16th Sunday Orthodox Pentecost
June 16th Sunday Father's Day
June 17th Monday Orthodox Pentecost Monday
June 21st Friday June Solstice
June 28th Friday Constitution Day
July 7th Sunday Kupala Night
July 7th Sunday Navy Day
July 8th Monday Family Day
July 28th Sunday Baptism of Kyivan Rus
August 26th Monday Independence Day (Observed)
September 23rd Monday September Equinox
October 6th Sunday Teachers' Day
October 14th Monday Defender of Ukraine Day
November 9th Saturday Cultural Workers and Folk Artists Day
November 21st Thursday Dignity and Freedom Day
December 6th Friday Army Day
December 19th Thursday Saint Nicholas' Day
December 22nd Sunday December Solstice
December 25th Wednesday Christmas Day
December 31st Tuesday New Year's Eve
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