South Africa

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Located on the southernmost region of the African continent is South Africa. Often referred to as the “rainbow nation” South Africa is an area of multicultural diversity. Nearly 80% of its people are of Bantu ancestry. This multiethnic society hosts a variety of cultures and languages and religions. South Africa has experienced much political turmoil. During the 20th century the black majority sought more rights from the dominant white minority. From 1948- the 1990’s, South Africa’s racial segregation was the epicenter of racial conflicts. On May 31, 1961, the Republic of South Africa was founded, ending the British monarchy’s reign.

Date Weekday Name Notes
January 1st Wednesday New Year's Day
March 20th Friday March Equinox
March 21st Saturday Human Rights Day
April 10th Friday Good Friday
April 12th Sunday Easter
April 13th Monday Family Day
April 27th Monday Freedom Day
May 1st Friday Workers' Day
May 10th Sunday Mother's Day
June 16th Tuesday Youth Day
June 20th Saturday June Solstice
June 21st Sunday Father's Day
August 10th Monday National Women's Day (Observed)
September 22nd Tuesday September Equinox
September 24th Thursday Heritage Day
December 16th Wednesday Day of Reconciliation
December 21st Monday December Solstice
December 25th Friday Christmas Day
December 26th Saturday Day of Goodwill
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